Submission Details


Papers can be Submitted in One of Two Streams:

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    1. Competitive papers

      Complete research papers on any focus area related to the theme of the conference.

    2. Work-in-progress papers

      Report proposals for future research, incomplete research, on-going research or ideas for future research in order to generate feedback on any topic listed above or related to the theme of the conference.

      All full-length competitive papers and work-in-progress abstracts will be subject to a double-blind peer-review process.

      Only full-length competitive papers will qualify for the Best Paper Award.

      Only full-length papers published in the conference proceedings will qualify for subsidy purposes. If, after the double-blind peer review process and acceptance, you do not wish to publish your full paper in the conference proceedings, you must communicate this clearly to the conference organisers within a month of acceptance, and a two-page summary still needs to be provided for publication.

      Papers that do not comply with the format requirements of submissions will be returned to authors for corrections.

      A maximum of two papers may be presented by one individual.

      Please ensure that the names of the authors do not appear anywhere in the submission.

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