Conference Areas

Areas to be covered at the conference include, but are not limited to:

    • 4th Industrial revolution technologies’ impact
    • Accounting, banking, and insurance
    • Change management
    • Consumer behaviour
    • Corporate citizenship and business ethics
    • Digital asset management
    • Digital marketing and social media
    • Economics and sustainable development
    • Employee wellbeing
    • Entrepreneurship and small business management
    • Family business
    • Finance, risk, and investments
    • Financial literacy and financial planning
    • General and strategic management
    • Human resource management
    • Indigenous business management
    • Innovation management and ICT
    • Logistics and supply chain management
    • Management education
    • Non-digital marketing
    • Public and development management
    • Teaching and Learning in the Management discipline
    • Tourism, event and hospitality management
    • Virtual leadership in an age of disruption
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